We were told NOT to travel Jakarta at 2024(Is it that bad?!)

We were told NOT to travel Jakarta at 2024(Is it that bad?!)

The video is about a travel experience in Jakarta, Indonesia. The YouTuber went to Jakarta despite people telling him not to because of traffic, pollution, and chaos. However, he found the city to be surprisingly enjoyable.

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Travel Jakarta Summary

Here are some of the highlights of the trip:

  • He was surprised by the availability of eco-friendly transportation options, such as e-Bluebirds and e-Grabs.
  • He stayed at the Juno Hotel, which has rooms with incredible views.
  • He enjoyed a unique cup of coffee made with sparkling water.
  • He went shopping on Jalan Surabaya, an antique street.
  • He took a boat ride to a hidden gem, a local spot recommended by his friend Tampin.
  • He learned some Bahasa Indonesia using the Babbel app.
  • He experienced the Jakarta mall culture, including watching a movie in a theater with luxurious bed seats.
  • He took a ferry to Pari Island, one of the Thousand Islands near Jakarta.
  • He enjoyed Indonesian fried rice and chicken on the island.
  • He rushed to see an exhibit before it closed.
  • He was impressed by the beautiful domestic airport in Jakarta.

Overall, the YouTuber had a positive experience in Jakarta and recommends it to travelers who are willing to do some research beforehand.

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