We Made it to Hawaii

We Made it to Hawaii

Get ready for some sun, sand, and adventure in this exciting travel vlog exploring the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii! Our Canadian traveler, Kathy, is back with another adventure-packed travel vlog, this time setting her sights on the breathtaking scenery and unique experiences Oahu has to offer.

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Hitting the Road: A Warm Welcome and Paradise Found

The vlog kicks off with Kathy expressing her excitement about returning to Hawaii, specifically mentioning the kindness of the people there. She films the check-in process, thanking the friendly staff member, Kenneth.

We then learn Kathy is headed to a surprise destination, but not before revealing her trusty travel companion, Mason, the new camera assistant replacing the slightly outdated Jamie. There’s a bit of playful banter about a potential wasp encounter and packing mishaps, but the overall mood is light and positive.

Island Time: A Jeep Ride, Acai Bowls, and Stunning Scenery

The surprise is finally revealed – Hawaii! Kathy is ecstatic and films the beautiful rainbow license plates adorning their rental Jeep. We learn Kathy has never driven a soft-top Jeep before, and the group struggles a bit figuring out how to retract the roof as some rain clouds gather in the distance. Undeterred, they embrace the convertible experience and film the scenic island views.

Next stop: a local favorite acai bowl spot. Kathy enthusiastically recommends the spot and their “Manifold Extra Honey” acai bowl. With a full belly and a phone equipped with data and maps, Kathy is ready to explore!

Manoa Falls or Lanikai Pillbox Hike? Deciding on an Adventure

The original plan was to visit Manoa Falls, but due to the rain, they opt for the Lanikai Pillbox Hike instead. The scenic drive offers stunning views, and Kathy captures glimpses of the two small volcanoes she calls “I Lava You.”

The Lanikai Pillbox Hike is described as an easy hike with beautiful scenery. We see Kathy navigating the path and enjoying the strong Hawaiian winds. She mentions needing to cut the hike short due to another exciting activity planned for later.

Rainbows and Paddleboard Yoga: An Unforgettable Hawaiian Experience

The vlog takes a turn for the breathtaking as Kathy stumbles upon a massive rainbow. She credits Kathy with a few wrong turns that ultimately led them to this incredible natural wonder. The rainbow conveniently leads them to their B&B, perfectly timed for a breathtaking sunset.

The Hawaiian adventure doesn’t stop there. Kathy reaches out to a local who offers a unique experience – paddleboard yoga with LED lights! We meet Kelsey, the Canadian expat who runs the business, and learn about how they combine yoga, paddleboarding, and a touch of “Tokyo Drift” for a truly unique Hawaiian experience.

Oahu Friends and Familiar Faces: A Reunion and New Adventures

The next day brings a reunion with a familiar face from Kathy’s previous adventures, Dan, “the adventurer.” We learn that Dan has traded in the crazy backflips for a more relaxed pace on this trip. There’s talk of visiting Manoa Falls and introducing Dan’s adorable two-month-old pitbull puppy.

Kathy then takes us to meet Nolan, a local friend who specializes in underwater photography. We see Nolan and his girlfriend Linda, and Kathy gifts Nolan a fresh mango. The rain starts pouring, and the vlog ends with a playful argument over misplaced car keys.

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