Discovering Borneo wildlife with kids in Sabah, Malaysia

Discovering Borneo wildlife with kids in Sabah, Malaysia

“Check out their noses wobbling Mum!” giggled my daughter, as we watched a troop of proboscis monkeys tucking into their meals – merely one in all many extreme elements all through per week recognizing some unforgettable Borneo wildlife with kids.

Our go to to Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary was the last word stop of our unbelievable whistle-stop go to to Sabah in Malaysian Borneo with Intrepid Journey, nevertheless merely one among an numerous string of memorable moments.

We’d anticipated to be wowed by the orangutans (and we now have been) nevertheless that was solely a single highlight from a go to which left my animal-loving daughter open-mouthed, grinning and determined to do her half to help Borneo’s endangered wildlife.

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre & Bornean Photo voltaic Bear Conservation Centre

In a single nook, a one-year-old was practising forward rolls, legs flying with each roly-poly, grin seen on the alternative aspect of the play house. Elsewhere on the ropes, one different toddler was hanging off a good greater pal, the pair of them having monumental gratifying dangling and climbing.

For many who ignored the orange fur, you’ll have been in any playground world-wide. Nevertheless this was the incredible Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, a ought to on any itinerary for Borneo with kids, the place you can’t solely see these good apes nevertheless examine additional about how they’re being protected.

Discovering Borneo wildlife with kids in Sabah, Malaysia

The centre takes rescued and orphaned orangutans and helps them examine the skills they need to survive inside the wild – for infants, that means getting them an older orangutan ‘buddy’ as they play inside the nursery, watched by visitors behind one-way glass in order that they’re unaware of any scrutiny.

Some not at all return to the sanctuary, whereas others head once more every few days, so there are usually not any ensures you’ll see the adults. Nevertheless you might get hundreds nearer than you rely on! Strolling alongside the wooden walkways to the feeding platform, we observed two full-grown orangutans making their very personal means alongside the handrail.

Two orangutans walk along the wooden handrail at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre - one of the fantastic sights during our trip to Borneo with kids

Shortly, a minimal of. Check out my video of a go to to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehibilitation Centre with kids

Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Centre in Borneo

My daughter gasped as a result of the squirrel leapt into the air, its ‘wings’ opening as a result of it glided merely to the following tree. Watching giant flying squirrels extreme up inside the tree cowl, on a walkway 620m above ground stage, was a world away from spying their frequently grey cousins in our native park.

Throughout the background, the soundtrack of huge Pomponia merula. Greater known as the 6 o’clock cicada, as a result of it begins its combination of croaking and high-pitched chirrups spherical sunset, among the many bugs make additional noise than the everyday bike.

As night fell and we wandered the paths to the sunshine of our torches, we felt miles from civilisation – having Intrepid Journey take care of the wise aspect of this family journey, notably as I was travelling alone with my daughter, was an unlimited profit for those who’re heading off the crushed monitor.

Treetop canopy walkway in the Sepilok rainforest discovery centre - one of the best places to spot Borneo wildlife with kids

The highlight? Seeing a Western tarsier – one in all many oldest mammals on the planet, tarsiers date once more an astonishing 55 million years. With their monumental eyes and strange elongated fingers, which wouldn’t look misplaced on ET (good for gripping bushes), they’re merely startled.

The first two we encountered had clearly heard us coming, and leapt off into the undergrowth. Nevertheless our persistence was rewarded, with the sight of 1 clinging to a division, its eyes gleaming at midnight.

Check out my video of our go to to the Sepilok Rainforest Discovery Centre

Kinabatangan River in Borneo

10 minutes after climbing into our boat and dashing off down the Kinabatangan River, we observed them – a family of three pygmy elephants inside the water.

Trunks entwined, the kid was busily play-fighting with one among its dad and mother, whereas the alternative splashed by the water looking out for meals on the opposite monetary establishment. At spherical 8-10ft tall when completely grown, they is more likely to be small for elephants nevertheless nonetheless pretty sizeable.

How, we questioned, can you in all probability prime that? Nevertheless the wildlife alongside the river is so rich and completely different that each of our cruises to establish Borneo’s wildlife in its pure habitat had quite a few moments to remember.

All through two afternoon boat journeys, we observed monkeys splashing about by the water’s edge sooner than settling down inside the bushes to sleep, their backs to the river as night-time predators would come from the forest – proboscis monkeys, silver leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, short-tailed macaques too, all leaping, climbing after which curling up collectively as a result of the photo voltaic sank within the route of the horizon.

Two pgymy elephants with their trunks entwined, playing in the Kinabatangan river in Borneo - one of the most exciting examples to see of Borneo wildlife with kids

Elsewhere crocodiles basked on the banks, whereas birds flew overhead – an iridescent flash of blue from a kingfisher, dramatic black and crimson broadbills with their eye-catching inexperienced beaks, quite a few species of hornbill, gleaming white herons, and further.

Check out my video of our wildlife-spotting cruises on the Kinabatangan River

Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

If the macaques obtained the title of cheekiest monkeys observed all through our Borneo family trip, the proboscis monkeys obtained my daughter’s coronary coronary heart for his or her distinctive seems.

To make it inside the proboscis monkey world, the bigger your nostril and abdomen, the upper. Having seen them clambering inside the bushes alongside the Kinabatangan River, harems in tow, or among the many bachelor groups settling down at night, we couldn’t wait to see them shut up on the sanctuary.

Proboscis monkey sitting in a tree at Labuk Bay Sanctuary in Borneo - among the most unusual Borneo wildlife to see with kids

Nevertheless for leisure, you couldn’t beat the proboscis monkeys: lounging casually in a division as if it have been an armchair, paws on knees and noses very positively wobbling up and down with each chew they took.

One enterprising mother was even giving her youngster a quick wash inside the bowl of water uncared for to drink from – and we found that proboscis monkeys can really use these huge noses as snorkels as soon as they swim.

No marvel they shortly turned my daughter’s company favourite, a much-cuddled fluffy proboscis monkey toy now a eternal reminder of our unforgettable Borneo family journey.

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